Mariah Miigwans is a multi-talented Cultural Ambassador from the Algonquin Nation, who shares stories and teachings through the value of expression in arts and crafts and dance as movement. Mariah has been working within the Ottawa-Gatineau region for the last decade where she has began her journey as a young adult. She is well known to the Indigenous community and has worked for various spaces for indigenous programming, working towards strengthening communities and supporting Indigenous youth. 
When she is not dancing on the Turtle’s back, Mariah provides various supports for the community. She has worked for places such as; Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School, as a Special Education Technician, an Indigenous Wellness Youth Mentor for Tewegan Housing, retail agent for Manitobah Mukluks, assisted teaching at Willis College and various programming for the Odawa Native Friendship Center. 
Over the last 8 years, Mariah had the incredible opportunity to work for Indigenous Experiences Tourism, providing guided tours, education on various First Nations cultures, and presenting to youth across the Ottawa area, as well as elsewhere in North America. Through this opportunity she has been able to expand, engage and explore the world. 
Some of her highlights include:  
  • Attended The 2017 First Peoples’ Celebrations in Trinidad, hosted by a local Indigenous group, known as the Santa Rosa peoples, where she shared dance performances, attended local marches and met many International heads of state, political leaders, as well as Indigenous hereditary Chiefs.
  • Attended and performed for Canada’s 150th celebrations event on Parliament Hill with esteemed guests such as the Royal Family and the PM Justin Trudeau.
  • Went to a Pow-Wow in France in 2018, hosted by a French pro-indigenous organization, The Four Winds
  • Face of a Magazine for the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, where she got to share her story about Dance.
  • Pow Wow Pitch Semi-Finalist for 2020.

Mariah strives to help community and through Miigwans Creations, her goal is to bring light and the people together.

If you wish to book her for any of the following:
  • Speaking & Presentations
  • Crafting  & Educational Workshops
  • Dance Performances 

Please inquire here for all events or webinars: