The story behind Miigwans Creations is a personal one. Mariah comes from a family lineage of crafters where her grandparents, great-grandparents, surrounded by the support of aunties, uncles and many cousins. Many of her teachings come from home, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg and the focus of Mino-Bimadizowin, also known as the Good Life.

Mariah comes from a family of canoe makers and wiigwas (birch bark) teachings, with close family relations to Daniel 'Pinock' Smith, William and Mary Commanda and Arthur Smith. She also comes from a family of widdlers and snowshoe-makers, by her late father Laurier Chabot and late grandfather Emile Chabot. 

She has been crafting since the age of 6 years old, with a lot of her work being inspired by her late Aunt, Sandra Chabot, of her work ethic and knowledge of crafting. She shared beautiful beadwork, leather work, knitting and crochet, as well as a bit of textiles and fabrics.

Mariah has been fortunate to travel to other communities where she got to learn new teachings and other techniques. She is inspired by many other Indigenous artists across Turtle Island- whom she admires and supports- that are also working towards healing and the values of healthy lifestyles through traditional crafts and other aspects of our culture, teachings and traditions.


"Miigwans Creations is made for the people, by the people."