About Miigwans Creations

Kwey Kakina! Pijashig! 

Mariah Miigwans Smith Chabot nindijinkaz, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg nindonji. 

Hello, everyone! Welcome! 

My name is Mariah Miigwans (Leather Feather) Smith Chabot and is a proud young Algonquin First Nation woman from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Quebec. Welcome to her website, where showcases some of the work that she does, such as beadwork, weaving, leather work and other hand skilled styles. In this website you will find previous custom orders, as well as current items that are available for purchase. 

The story behind Miigwans Creations is a personal one, where she has been crafting since the age of 6. She comes from a family of crafters where her grandparents, great-grandparents, surrounded by aunties, uncles and cousins from whom she got her genetic skills. For a lot of her work, she is inspired by her late auntie, Sandra Chabot, and her work ethic and crafting skills from beautiful beadwork, leather work to knitting and crochet. She has also learned from her cousin, the famous Daniel "Pinock" Smith, whom continues to share Wiigwas (Birch bark) teachings. 

There are many artists across Turtle Island that she admires and continues to inspire her, however, most of her teachings come from home, in Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg. Many of them being from strong Algonquin women, who have expressed the value of healthy lifestyles through traditional crafts and other aspects of our culture.

Through the development of her business, she is hoping to reach these same goals and to continue to raise awareness about First Nations culture through Miigwans Creations, as a step to healing for "Reconciliation". With that being said, she is open for any questions, a challenged customized order or to host a workshop near you, please check out her "Offerings" page to get in contact with her.

Kichi Miigwech (Thank you very much) and enjoy browsing her collections. 🙂

"Miigwans Creations is inspired, loved and supported by knowledge keepers and our ancestors, made for the people, by the people."